Our Programs

We teach life values, ethics, social skills, and most importantly, help children to
build their unique personality, intuition, and unfold their untapped potential

Foundational Principles

  1. Well-being

  • The health and emotional well-being of the child are protected and nurtured
  • Smaller class size, natural light, access to quiet spaces and sensory areas, shorter days or flexible schedule

  1. Belonging

  • Children and families feel they belong here
  • Children and families are fully supported

  1. Contribution

  • Opportunities for learning are equitable and each child’ s contribution is valued
  • Children learn from sharing and collaboration experiences

  1. Exploration

  • The child learns through active exploration of the environment
  • Play is valued as meaningful learning, and spontaneous
  • Children discover different ways to be creative and expressive
  • Self-awareness, emotional regulation, and confidence in the control of one’s body is developed
  • Children learn from observations, interactions, role-playing, experiences, school and parental environment
  • Developing working theories about Planet Earth and beyond


Environment is considered the “third teacher.” Teachers carefully organize space for small and large group projects and small intimate spaces for one, two or three children. Documentation of work, plants, and collections that children have made from former outings are displayed both at the children’s and adult eye level. Common space available to all children in the school includes play areas and work tables for children from different classrooms to come together.

Shaping the Holistic
Growth of Students

Holistic Education

Curriculum focuses on student experience, community-based learning, taking social action, and bringing the world into the classroom. We strive to educate and inspire children to think, feel, and act with depth, imagination, and purpose. In addition to academics, students learn visual and preforming arts, gardening, farm-to table culinary, woodworking skills, non-competitive athletics, yoga, kung fu, meditation, creative arts, extra sensory abilities, and mind and body awareness.


The R= resiliency E= empathy A= awareness C= connectedness H=health and wellness program, a mindfulness class, with integrated lessons and activities that highlight a shared monthly theme, with activities that will develop social-emotional skills. Lessons will have aspects of story and art, movement, and service as part of the regular rhythm of each monthly focus area. We will also work to build a resource library that can be useful to families seeking support for a wide range of social-emotional needs.

Outdoor Sensations

We incorporate the diverse ecosystems of this natural classroom into lessons and activities. With a formal program that integrates nature study and science investigation into main lesson blocks and other subjects, our students and teachers are continually discovering the treasures right in our “backyard.” Such topics as sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, weather and climate, and graphing and statistics, are all here for us to discover together and experience in a completely hands-on way.

Therapeutic Wellness Center

Therapeutic treatment that provides healing and is clinically driven and outcome-based with assess the entire client profile from childhood experiences to current environment. We offer variety of non-evasive treatments to stimulate physical, neurological and emotional healing as well as improve the well-being of children, including various therapies, energy healing, swimming with dolphins, nature walks, earthing, art and pottery therapy, homeopathy, ayurveda, nutrition, aquatic therapy, therapeutic breathwork, mindfulness and self control therapy, oxygen therapy, and therapeutic petting animal and bird sanctuary.

Conscious Family Education

We offer 5D parenting programs, nutritional programs, mental and emotional support, as well as birthing doula and midwifery services. Child development and newborn assistance are some of the programs that we offer at the wellness center. We also focused to support fathers since father involvement in baby’s life is important.

Parent and Child

Classes are grouped by age to offer a rhythm that is well-suited to the child’s development. Weekly with the same group of families as we share the parenting journey together. Our property will have gardens and nature trails where children learn to enjoy the outdoors, climbing, swinging, exploring, and where play comes from the child’s imagination. Activities include circle games, songs, and a shared snack of freshly baked bread. A seasonal craft or two will be offered per session. Topics such as creating a rhythm for your child, supporting the senses, healthy boundaries, learning through imitation and play, warmth, sleep, and meal times will be explored. We have an extensive lending library and parenting materials will be shared weekly.

A Journey of Discovery

We encourage a natural process of development and learning, through observation, discovery, self-expression, inspiration, sensory perception, and a willingness to construct new connections to present ideas and feelings.