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Your support make an immediate difference in the lives of children and youth we empower and educate every day. Learn about the many ways that you can give and start making a difference.

Donations would be allocated towards:

  • Construction of the Future Campus and Implementation Phase 
  • Monthly scholarships to low-income families or single parent for a child to attend the school program
  • Scholarships for children from diverse backgrounds, which may include disabilities, neglect, abuse or those who have endured trauma to attend school and receive alternative therapies at the wellness center 
  • Scholarships for low-income parents to attend classes in the wellness center

Support Dreams of Our Future Generation

When we open our minds and hearts, we open doors of opportunity for children, teens, and individuals with special needs. We encourage everyone to create a whole new world of possibilities for a stronger community. We invite you to consider how you might open a door of opportunity by supporting with donations.