Future Campus

Planned and Coming Soon with Your Help

State-of-the-art facilities and amenities to encourage the holistic development of student

What is Our Dream Academy Campus and Eco Practices?

Our Dream Academy is designed based on the new era vision of being fully self-sustainable with green buildings, renewable source of energy, and innovative technology that preserves the precious natural resources and improve our quality of life. We teach students how-to live-in harmony with nature, protect ecosystems, and become the future of the earth by implementing zero waste program and making immense leap forward in innovations to save the planet.


Build upon principles: Support, Nurture, Trust, Kindness, Love, and Higher Vibration

 Fundraising phase 1: Purchasing land, Construction of the campus PreK-Elementary

 Self- Sustainable

  • Solar panels
  • Solar charging station for electric vehicles
  • New source of energy
  • Eco-Buildings to amplify the energy, natural materials
  • School buildings
  • Workshop and activity hall with room for arts, crafts, music, and exploration
  • Wellness center
  • Cafeteria
  • Water purification system
  • Zero Waste program: compost, recycle, reuse

 Biodynamic Organic Farm

  • Organic non-gmo seeds, trees, plants
  • Farm equipment and machineries
  • Dome greenhouses with blue light and music

Therapeutic petting animal and bird sanctuary

Sensory Informed Playground


  • Electric vehicles
  • Electric academy bus

Tranquil atmosphere

  • Wildlife reserves and clean air requirements
  • Close to a body of water such as lake, river or moving water
  • Minimum 2 acres of land for farming and camping facilities for outdoor education
  • Botanical gardens, and meditation sensory gardens
  • Trails for bike riding or walking
  • Lavender fields
  • Meditation sensory garden
  • Reflexology pebble path

Bed and breakfast for family weekends

Wellness Center:

  • Samadhi sensory deprivation flotation tank
  • Nutrition
  • Light Therapy
  • Salted swimming pool
  • New technologies and alternative holistic therapies
  • Athletic field and facility
  • Yoga studio
  • Dance studio
  • Physical therapy room
  • Water massage rooms
  • Meditation suites
  • Aromatherapy, eucalyptus, and Himalayan salt room
  • Steam room
  • Child development and birthing center
  • Medical Treatment Center for psychiatric services and health seminars

The campus will represent tranquility, harmony and balance,
with health and wellness as its focus.

Your support would make big impact in children lives and society

Phase 1: Funding Campaign Goal is $11,000,000

As of 2016, Our Dream Academy ( formerly Your Sunshine ) offers unique services and programs with inclusive environment for everyone. The facility that we are in doesn’t not allow us to do all programs and therapies that we want to offer. That’s why we are seeking your support. Your support would allow us to do programs that we can’t do right now, such as water therapy, nature therapy, organic farm, educational and life skills programs, and so much more. 

We need your financial support to fund the campus development expenditures. We are seeking your pledges, contributions, and support to assist in the opening of Our Dream Academy and Wellness Center. 

Phase 1 : Preschool to Elementary School

Project Cost:

  • Campus and Site Development cost: $6,900,000
  • Implementation Project Staff : $400,000
  • Equipment and furnishings : $500,000
  • Bus, farm equipment, security : $100,000     
  • Basic Needs supplies and other expenses: $50,000
  • Curriculum, supplies: $50,000
  • Operational budget for first 5 years : $3,000,000

How Can you help?

We need your financial support to assist in the building Ou Dream Academy School and Wellness Center. The funding goal is $11,000,000.