Whole Child and Holistic Approach to learning:

We strive to educate and inspire children to think, feel, and act with depth, imagination, and purpose. 

Our Curriculum

The curriculum reflects the holistic development of children; the empowerment of the child is a key factor. The curriculum empowers the child to learn, grow, and express their gifts and talents.

The education is focused on the whole child. Students are empowered to test their ideas by active experimentation. Learning is rooted in the questions learners that arise through experiencing the world. A process of inquiry is essential, and child must invent and reinvent the world. Curriculum content is derived from student interests and questions. Books are tools, rather than authority. Curriculum focuses on student talents, experience, higher level of connection, collaboration, sharing, co-creation, community-based learning, taking social action, and bringing the world into the classroom.

In addition to academics, students learn visual and preforming arts, gardening, land stewardship, non-competitive sports, swimming, yoga, martial arts, meditation, intuitive and extra sensory abilities, and mind and body awareness.

Our Dream Academy Philosophy

Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy. Our Dream Academy is devoted to supporting the dreams of children from diverse backgrounds. A love for learning starts in childhood. The learning experience should be a positive one.

Our educational approach is founded on strong connection between school and home. We challenge children to imagine new ideas, solve problems in new ways and see the world in a new light. Our Dream Academyinspires children to trust themselves, and develop their own gifts. We empower students to dive deeper into exploration to experience emotions, feelings, thoughts as well as learn about this World, our body and mind.

  • Academics
  • Passionate Focus
  • Practical Life Skills
  • Personal Development (Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical goals)
  • Intuition and Extra Sensory Abilities 

gifted learners explore and develop their passions, and learn to make choices that positively and profoundly impact the world.

We help students to excel in their individual areas of interest and assist them to develop their intuition, gifts and abilities through character development, exploration of life, authentic thinking, and genuine learning experiences.

Do You Want To Support Our Dream Academy?

We are seeking donations, partnerships, infrastructure support, and any support with the construction of the Future campus.