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Our Mission


The mission of Our Dream Academy and Wellness Center is to apply the holistic view of education, which promotes harmony and balance in the life of each child.

We strive to educate and inspire children to think, feel, and act with depth, imagination, and purpose. Students develop intuition, creativity, and awareness through a supportive curriculum and environment.  

Our Dream Academy and Wellness Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (formerly Your Sunshine) founded in 2016 by Anastasia Spencer. We are co-educational school for intuitive and gifted children. The school is designed based on play-based, child-centered, and grounded in active learning at its core. In Our Dream Academy classroom, children are guided to explore, interact, and exercise their creative imagination through purposeful play.

Our Dream Academy strives for is the development of (future) individuals who are self-confident and mentally/emotionally healthy, imaginative and creative, curious and exploratory, expressive and communicative, with developed intuitions and with a feeling of belonging and connectedness to the universe and all its creatures.

Our Dream Academy and Wellness Center nurture the physical, psychological, social, educational, and spiritual, needs of children and their families using compassionate care, clinical expertise, and unconditional love. We provide the tools needed for a resilient, thriving life, in which young people are both self-sufficient and connected to a larger community.

The school is fully self-sustainable with green buildings, renewable source of energy, and innovative technology that preserves the precious natural resources and improve our quality of life. We teach students how-to live-in harmony with nature, protect ecosystems, and become the future of the earth by implementing zero waste program and making immense leap forward in innovations to save the planet.

Who We Serve

Gifted Children Grade PK-12 who are eager to learn, create, and become conscious leaders​

Highly sensitive, intuitive, high frequency, and high energy children

5D conscious parenting training for mothers and fathers as well as conscious conception, pregnancy, and newborn education.

Our Programs:

Holistic School

( Resiliency, Empathy, Awareness,
Connectedness, Health & Wellness )

Holistic Treatments

5D Conscious Parenting Programs and Family Education

"Our devotion is to raise conscious citizens by creating a supportive and nurturing environment for each child to excel and develop their unique gifts and talents".
Anastasia Spencer, Founder

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